How long will results last?

Results vary depending on your lifestyle. Exercise, diet, not smoking and sunscreen are some of the factors that determine how long your results will last. With laser treatments, we are stimulating collagen, so your skin is left in a much healthier state. So as long as you take care of the area treated, results can last up to several years.

How does our laser hair removal differ from everyone in Las Vegas?

Our Soprano XL hair removal system is virtually pain free! Other laser hair removal systems used in Vegas are very painful and time consuming. The Soprano XL system is so fast and virtually pain free; you can get multiple areas done in just one appointment!

How painful are laser treatments?

New Image is proud to say that we are a virtually pain free laser center. All treatments performed at New Image involve the use of heat, but are performed at controlled levels so you are kept quite comfortable, yet treatments are most effective.

What sort of downtime is expected with laser treatments?

Most of the laser treatments at New Image involve absolutely no down time. You can have your treatment and go right back to work. We do offer a couple of laser treatments that involve down time of 4-7 days, but trust us, those days are worth it due to the outcome!

Can I expect to see results from only one treatment?

Yes. One can expect to see results with just one treatment at New Image, but there is something very important to remember about laser treatments. All laser treatments performed at New Image use heat to stimulate the production and re-stimulation of collagen. Collagen is what we have in our skin, which makes the skin we have look younger and tighter, yet as we age, our collagen strength and productivity decrease. It takes time to stimulate collagen, it does not just happen overnight. We generally recommend and treat in a series of treatments, knowing it will take time for your skin to revert back to the way it was. So you will see some changes in your skin after just one treatment, but we are looking for more enhanced and longer lasting results, which comes in a series of treatments.

Does insurance cover any of the treatments?

No. Unfortunately insurance does not cover any of the treatments because the treatments are considered cosmetic. We do offer care credit, which is a medical credit card, which offers no interest for 1 year.

Why would I choose laser treatments over having a facelift?

Facelifts are an invasive procedure which require anesthesia, bruising and weeks of downtime. Most of our laser treatments involve no down time and the ones that do involve down time, the down time is so much more minimal than surgery. Here at New Image we offer a special facial rejuvenation package comparable to a non-surgical facelift, where we are actually using 4 different lasers on your skin. Each laser is targeting a different layer of the skin. We are literally transforming the skin from inside out. So you can look 10 years younger, but with close to no down time and no surgery! Another good thing about lasers is that we are stimulating collagen, so the skin on your face is left healthier, whereas with a facelift, there is no collagen stimulation.

Are laser treatments safe for pigmented (dark/tanned) skin?

Most of the treatments are safe for tanned and dark skin types, but our highly trained technicians will determine the right treatment for you during your free consultation.

Are all laser treatments at New Image expensive?

No. Any time we do a free consultation with someone, we treat that individual as an individual. Custom packages and personalized payment are always created. We are here to help you find the right treatment, no matter what your monthly budget.

Can I tan/sunbathe before, during and/or after treatments?

This is an important question, and depends the particular laser treatment performed. In any case, we discuss it during your free consultation.

Can I have laser treatments if I am pregnant or lactating?

No! You must not have any laser treatments if you are pregnant or lactating.

Can I wear makeup after my laser treatment?

While most treatments allow you to wear makeup immediately following treatment, some do require down-time during which wearing makeup is a definite no. We discuss this in detail during your free consultation.

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